I don’t think USASF understands how much love all of us athletes have for the sport. We want to see a team that hit fall on the floor crying from happiness. We want “over-celebration”. We want the love for our sport to radiate. We don’t want to walk off emotionless. We want people to know how much effort we put Into that routine. - just my thoughts -

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But really it’s so weird not seeing everybody screaming and collapsing on each other after a perfect routine.  It makes me sad, they have to be so calm and be like, “yeah whatevs, we just kicked some ass, okay” when you know they’ve got to be excited as fuck.  Stupid USASF

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Panthers injuries


The girl with the broken arm or wrist or whatever it is
A girl is competing with a torn acl and meniscus and she has 3 fractured bones in her knee
And another girl is competing with a torn calf muscle

Like those are some true babs. Snaps for them

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